He carried her bag.

His work has come up to the standard.

Laugh before breakfast, you'll cry before supper.

I think Marshall is sick.

It's way too dangerous.

Let's not do anything that might get us in trouble.

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Shadow tried to do too much.

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Fish do not have the brain development that is necessary for the psychological experience of pain or any other type of awareness.

If you are to arrive there before noon, you must start early in the morning.

It is most important to emphasize that none of these processes are conscious.

Within days, Japan captured the American island of Guam.

Congratulations on your victory!

I've asked you here to discuss a mutual problem.

Albert gave Randall some practical advice.

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We don't have that right.

We have added greater 64-bit server support.

I came here to see Stephe.

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to do it.

You're in the wrong seat.

They allotted the profits fairly.

Bread and butter are my usual breakfast.


Father gave me a book for graduation.


Sir misses his mother greatly.

Why didn't you do it?

Are you going to hurt her?


We'll leave as soon as the weather clears up.

Don't you have to be at work?

I'll go along with that.


Do you recognize the man in this photo?

I'll expect to hear from you by Tuesday.

Learn to enjoy reading.

Women like men the way they like their coffee: strong and hot to keep them awake all night long.

I'm sorry that happened to you.

Make me a conqueror of all nations; let the famous chariot carry me all the way from the sun to Thebes in triumph: I will consider myself human even when I am hailed everywhere as a god.

OK, who are you?


You didn't eat much lunch, did you?

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

We're patient.

Chromium is a transition element.

During his year of study abroad, Marvin's French improved rapidly.


Jingbai is wearing sunglasses and no shirt.

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They won the silver medal.

Typhoons are frequent in this region.

You must be kind to old people.

Does that window open?

The researchers believe they may have found the Holy Grail of cancer research.

Take it easy, Panzer.

You're back again.

My house was broken into last night.

His head was hurt by the fall.

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Maybe they will come and maybe they won't.

I had a big breakfast.

There were at least three people in the park.

Do you sell mini disks?

I told you to stay out of trouble.

Having heard the story before, she didn't want to hear it again.

A low pressure area, cloudy with wind and sunny intervals, covers all of Scandinavia.

I need some time with Nici.

I shouldn't have doubted you.

Mike visited Mr Ogaki, who is our principal.

He wanted to say something to her, he didn't know what to say.

He is the last person to succeed in business.

The songwriter was sued for plagiarism.

Don't blame another for his faults.

I'm not accustomed to the city noises.

When you're trying to prove something, it helps to know it's true.

Why is she sulking?

He is a dependable boss.

The computer is a relatively recent invention.

Shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she received the news about the birth of her grandchild.

He owns a yellow sports car.

The Jordan River is the only river flowing into the Dead Sea.

Grandeur and gallantry never appeared with more lustre in France, than in the last years of Henry the Second's reign.

My hobby is shopping.

I suggest this would be a good time to take a break.

Many refugees have risked their lives to reach Europe.

Please let me know when dinner's ready.

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You're a little too young for me.

Merton is my relative.

It won't make any difference whichever you choose.

He married my sister.

If he eats a big lunch, he usually gets sleepy mid-afternoon.

I know this sounds nonsensical, but it is exactly what I feel.

Micah and I tried our best.

That's not yours.

This book is pretty easy for me to read.

She was relieved from insomnia.

Jamie's guilty.


Is it the Pantheon in Athens or something like that?

I'm the insane one.

He intimated that all is not well in his marriage.

You should inspect the car well before you buy it.

The action of the play takes place in France.


I think that Lisa speaks French well.


When was the last time you danced?

The listeners had already begun to yawn.

Smoking is prohibited in all restaurants in this city.

I'll tell him so then.

Nothing like that happened.

I'll give her half of my share.

Don't drag me into this.

An alcove is useful for storing things.

His diligence turned out a disadvantage after all.


It rained yesterday after it had been dry for many months.

I wandered about the streets all day.

It was deliberate.

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Why would Richard take that risk?

Briggs is young, rich, spoiled and egocentric.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System.

Did you really tell Samuel that?

There's nothing more I can do.

Gee, I wish I had that problem.

He got the first prize.

Seldom does a loan come home laughing.

They felt disgraced by their son's wild behavior.

Let's just start with the facts.

Franklin has gone AWOL.


Donald meant for you to have this.

Mine is totally different.

Hank decided to go barefoot.


It sounds pretty straightforward.


I just have to keep working.


If you don't want to attend classes in the seminar on the topic "Fighting Corruption Inside the Enterprise", you can just pay 200 hryven' and receive the certificate.

He always left the problem of his children's education to his wife.

I have hardly any English books.

He hid himself behind the door.

You can do better than that.

That tooth hurts.

The plain crashed breaking road gantries and scaring the drivers.


She walked past clicking her high heels.

Nou took an exhilarating walk round the lake.

We have no more rice.

I'd like to believe otherwise.

He disposed of his old house.

Time comes.

I don't want to see him at all.

You shall answer for this, Ibragim!

I needn't have been so worried about you. I should've known that Sandra would look after you.

If he had not met with that accident, he would be alive now.

Please tell me this isn't happening.

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Would you like to get something to eat? It's on me.

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Len took back what he had said about me.

Petals flying in the wind.

Are you going to sing?


Her jokes made us all laugh.


Many shark species are threatened with extinction.

This house has a red roof.

She likes swimming in summer.

I'll send it to you tomorrow.

I don't want you to worry that much about it.


Clean the table already!

Do you have something you want to tell me?

They bought a home with a pool.

We must think about the community.

I wrote the wrong address on the envelope.

I know how much Rees means to you.

Anything can happen.

Randall tossed the documents on Doyle's desk.

He is no less diligent than she.

Alastair is a friend of mine.

This is the TV station where my uncle works as an announcer.

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I'm a perfectionist.

Please go ahead.

Orville beat the dog.

This book is interesting, also instructive.

Winston kissed Larry and apologized.

You never told us why you left Boston.

If only I had an "anywhere door" ...Doraemoooon!

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The cake is shaped like a tree.


Why are you questioning me?