Nothing's out of order.

Don't you think that you should tell her about this?

John is eighty years old but still fit.

I think you underestimate him.

I have read three Shakespearian works up to now.

Everyone looked at us.

I agree to the proposal in principle.

I made him cry.

You are really very productive today.

I have a granddaughter about your age.

Where shall we eat tonight?

Everybody was confused.

I do not like to perform in front of others.

Can he be trusted?

Some people think that Earth will be invaded by aliens.


This box is too bulky to carry.

Let's see if Sergeant can do that by himself.

Where's the key? Ah, you found it.

'We have driven fast!' said she, 'but no one likes to be frozen; creep under my bear-skin,' and she seated him in the sledge by her side, and spread her cloak around him.

The engine was running.


I have nothing particular to do.


What you don't see and hear with your own ears and eyes might be true, but it might also not be true.


Your father is a gorilla.

I was scared half to death.

Vickie wouldn't accept my apology.

Syun probably thought I wouldn't like doing that.

She spread on margarine instead of butter.

Do you want to see her?

Timothy took over his father's business.

He's a student of Japanese literature.

I prefer to not talk about it.

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The sound gradually died away.

Earnie said that her parents would kill her if they found out that she was going out with Wolfgang.

That's a question we're all asking ourselves.

I will arrive in four hours.

He is nothing but a minor composer.

Why was I not aware of this?

Go and see if you can find them.

Loren's skiing.

I got used to the sun.


He works on some really crazy projects.


He is sure of passing the exam.

My mother doesn't like my watching TV.

The suspect is a caucasian female.

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I don't know what you want.

I have to paint it.

If reincarnation exists I want to come back with Tina Turner's legs and Nina Simone's voice.

We were all so scared.

He is a golfer.

Vick read stories to Ofer every night.

There is a glass sculpture in the garden.


They knew how to make iron.

It's 9:15.

Who built this place?

I'm going to go and see a film. Do you want to come?

I hear she's a famous actress.

The results were as follows: Japan 1st; Spain 2nd; Italy 3rd.

Were you aware of this?

I went to the room.

Philip is carrying a watermelon.

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It is inevitable that some changes will take place.

What's going to happen to me?

He tried the experiment again and again.


This investigation can act as a foundation for more comprehensive research.

I can't hide forever.

I just had a quick look. It wasn't interesting at all.

"I think you're stupid," said Wade.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

I only have time for coffee.

I often catch cold.

Today is the international anti-corruption day.

We want you to feel better.


Please keep quiet.

You could do a lot worse than Mikey.

I'm not the one who has to do that.

Is it safe to enter now?

Are they looking at us?


I didn't know you still cared.


Have you googled me?

Some things just can't be fixed.

Judging from the look of the sky, it may rain at any moment.

Ranjit claims that you stole his bicycle.

We're going to eat at a new restaurant tonight.

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A blind person's hearing is often very acute.

I thought you were broke.

I don't plan to vote at the upcoming election.

She wanted to get a divorce.

They're just trying to help.

Frank is the kind of woman I like.

Tell me where to put these books.

Stan is a good husband to me.

I'm not pretty.

Are you sure you're ready to go?

I hope you're all having a good time.


I have no interest in money.

My little sister sometimes wished she was a boy.

I'm not satisfied with what you've done.

It was thrilling.

Are we expecting any other guests?


The best books are the ones you write yourself.

Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.

We live in this building.


There are books about art on the table.

Tharen said he didn't do anything wrong.

Sometimes my son comes to visit me.

I guess we'll be friends.

You didn't get very far.


Monica has just asked me out.

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She made faces at that woman.

Couldn't you have told me about that yesterday?

She's supposed to be here in solitary meditation.

Bob is in the drama club.

Our fossil fueled based industrial civilization will eventually collapse.


Harry still doesn't trust Ilya.


"She would never judge her own accomplishments, but she has succeeded in achieving what she set out to do in her first year," the source said.


What is it that you do, exactly?

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I shouldn't have yelled at Thomas.

Add up these figures.

Do your job.

I'll ride with her.

I need him now.

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Have you told Harold who to give that to?

Rajesh's opinion is, that both Britain and the European Union would be happier if they got divorced.

Huashi is a real handyman.

Les hated the thought of leaving.

I promised him to keep it secret.


We need some help down here.


I don't need to see him now.

Well, aren't you glad to see me?

I did everything all by myself.


Shatter didn't want to be sent to Boston.


How's Lyndon holding up?

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The fitting room is occupied.


Spencer has a little boy.

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It's alleged that he wrote in every language in the world except Chinese and Japanese.

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You're a bread.

They required me to keep silent.

They have no impact on the environment.

I was ready for him.

Gregory summarized the situation.


Don't worry. I'll be discreet.

I still wouldn't know if Alejandro hadn't called me.

I don't hear barking.

Why are you acting like you don't know me?

It was an agricultural area.

Perhaps she does not know you.

I believe we understand each other.

I teach French at the high school up the street.

This speech by Ronald Reagan was made to commemorate the death of the astronauts in a space shuttle accident.


"Do you speak French?" "Not very well."

I will recommend this website to all my friends.

The cake is shaped like a tree.

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The portrait had a dark background.

Lars says that he has changed his ways.

Emily took care of the children.

Windsurfing is a lot of fun.

I want to understand why this happened.


Bend your knees.

Prime numbers are divisible only by one and themselves.

It's your special day.


I want to be your husband.