Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth all the suffering and effort which life implies?

Cathy had the only pool in town with a diving board.

Sanjeev is in the back yard.

I must ask Nick for his new address and telephone number when I see him.

This magazine carries much news of importance.

The net is huge.

You must save him.

Some years ago, the presenter was suspended from appearing on TV for admitting being a marijuana user and denying her crime in an interview.

McDonald's golden arches may have marched into 119 countries, but the quintessentially American company still resides in a quintessentially American suburb.

It takes literally a minute to make the sauce.

I'd like you to see it.

Al Gore is a global-warming activist.

Stan wants to become a priest.

People are suffering from the contamination of the water supply.


Do not open those windows.

What shall we have tonight?

This is good news.

It is impossible for you to be too careful of your health.

He is likely to live to be ninety.

Things are changing quite rapidly.

Betty always seems to be complaining.

I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble.

Del pretended not to hear what was going on.

He's friendly with everyone in his class.

There are rare animals in Australia.

Billie didn't even know who I was.

She kissed away the boy's tears.

You're not my father.

He does nothing but schlep around the house all day long.

Naomi did a lot more than that.

I like to eat red bell peppers raw.


Why didn't you go to the office?

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I've done with him for the future.

Sigurd is a very pretty girl, isn't she?

Francois doesn't really like watermelon.

The door is opened by Jim.

Jean-Christophe flipped through the pages of his notebook.

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We're having a bachelor party for Casper at my place tonight.

They worked as diligently as a hive of bees.

Lonhyn saw Gregor standing by the fireplace and went over to talk to her.

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How many trees are there in this park?

Have an excellent weekend.

Cooking takes up too much time.

Becky said he didn't do it.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?

Dan threatened to expose Duncan to the FBI for selling confidential information to a foreign government.

Did you pick this?

Take the elevator three floors down to the conference room.

I've returned.

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Let's take a coffee break.


How many years does it take to become a doctor?


Shahid bought a horse.

If Daryl joins your team, I will, too.

Most parents see their own children as the best in the world.

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My father gave me a game.

Do people really say that?

He hasn't said so explicitly, but he's let it be understood that I was lying.

Send the bill to me.

I found out how to solve the problem.


Walt and Naomi both had new bicycles.

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Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan.

Someone's in the other room.

I will meet you off the train tomorrow.


Kari hopped in the driver seat.

The bus will be here shortly. Please wait a bit.

Why did I ever marry you?


Scream a bit quieter!

Those twin brothers have similar faces.

The thief fled without leaving any traces.

Nobody is too old to learn.

I'm not sure what she meant by that.

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It is difficult to express one's thoughts in English.

Leads told Jordan a story.

"Is the essay ready?" "No, I'm sorry. I haven't finished writing it yet."

I don't think Gunnar is going to make it.

I didn't have any problems.


I'm calling her again.

I think that computers can help students use more effective study methods.

I told you before that you should ask your mother first.

The heavy rain was accompanied with thunder.

Recent overseas transfers show that productivity improvements in Japanese manufacturing industry have almost reached their limit.

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The antiquities collection is housed in a state-of-the-art facility.

I think the person I saw in the alley is a private investigator.

This isn't the murder weapon.

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They don't know my name.

The storm prevented us from going out.

Why do some of your people hate your language?

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All I ask in return is to be left in peace.


This is the hardest thing I've ever done.


Many soldiers had a hard time coping with civilian life after the war.


I will write to you.

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What's your favorite movie this year?

I am afraid to write English comments while I'm trying to learn English.

The television show was interrupted by a special news report.

The sun was hidden by the mountain.

I haven't had time.

I'm always interested in reading his column.

We had an awesome time at the zoo.

Jeremy is busy now, isn't he?

Even Denis himself wasn't convinced.

Instead of coffee he gave me tea with sugar, but without cream.

"Probably just a stupid urban legend" "But they do say 'there's no smoke without fire', don't they?"

Dan couldn't defend himself.

Anatole aimed the gun at Donald and fired it.

The big investor bought up the stocks.

I might as well leave today.


Get up at sunrise and marry young!

No smoke without fire.

We can go anywhere we want.

That was surprising.

Everything's quite satisfactory.

Your brother is the best in our school.

Bob mistakenly informed everyone that I had died.


It seems to be one of the fundamental features of nature that fundamental physical laws are described in terms of a mathematical theory of great beauty and power.

I had completely forgotten.

No one expected Jeany to arrive on time.

You have a tendency to talk too fast.

I spent hours looking for the key that I had dropped.


"The semantic subject of this sentence is 'this sentence,' but its grammatical subject is 'the semantic subject of this sentence'" is an example of a sentence benefitting from punctuation.

This house belongs to my uncle.

How long do we have before Brodie gets here?


It is true that he won first prize.


I've done everything humanly possible.

I haven't got time to deal with this letter. Could you deal with it?

I feel awkward in his presence.

Rolfe got tired of waiting for Rick, so he went into the museum without her.

I don't know any blind men.

"I can speak a bit of German. 'Das ist fantastisch!'" "Haha, wunderbar." "Wunderbar." "Even the locals sound better when they speak German, okay?" "Haha, is nobody gonna get my accent?" "No, not really, 'cause, you know..." "To be honest, I only learned my German from watching DVDs when I was younger." "Hahaha, be sure to send me those DVDs!"

I think you understand.


I require absolute loyalty from all my employees.


I let him sleep at my house for the night.


You shouldn't wait any longer.

Chew with your mouth closed.

What do you say to making a trip with me during the summer vacation?


I can speak Esperanto like a native.

There've been no injuries.

Darkness favors secret dealings.

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This is the means by which I can find him.


Can I make a phone call?


Suu and Tiefenthal haven't finished eating yet, have they?

Don't get too close with him.

I'm looking for my friends.


Why are you watching this clip?

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Our team played extremely well.

You're bugging me.

Jiri bought a beer for himself.

Saul was very chuffed with himself after his boss gave him a glowing report.

Dylan can't take it.

Stress is a very serious problem in today's society.

This carpet is one of the most beautiful.

I had a donut and a cup of coffee.

Advertising local products might require the use of local words.

Some people are afraid of spiders.

I bet it was him who did it.


Stop the train.

They were in the right place at the right time.

If only I were a doctor.


I am prepared for the worst.

I wish they had spelled my name correctly.

We're always right.

He is superior to his opponents in all respects.

I don't even care if he hates me.